The VitaNavis platform is built for organizations, and does not currently have any way to sell assessments to individuals. You can only get an access code through an organization or school that uses the VitaNavis platform. 

Q: Argh! But I need it for my class!! CAN'T YOU JUST GIVE ME AN ACCESS CODE?!

A: I feel really terrible... I wish I could, but I don't know what code to give you. That's all managed by your school or company. You have to tell them "you gave me the assignment... but where's my access code?"

Q: I need a code! This one isn't working! Help me!

A: Okay, I think I might be able to help if you send me the code. I can use it to try and diagnose what's going on. I will try my best!

Q: I don't know any school using the assessment. I just want to take the SuperStrong assessment...

A: Unfortunately I can't really do anything here. BUT, you can get a Strong Assessment through The Myers-Briggs Company Website.